Technical and digital development from A to Z go hand in hand


The challenges technicians, facility managers and the like are facing in modern buildings and their maintenance are growing constantly. The trend of accommodating all-in-one solutions in buildings also demands a lot more from the associated facility management than “just” being a caretaker. What used to be just a collection of numerous apartments is now waiting with features such as washing and drying rooms, fully automatic air conditioning controls, solar panels for energy generation and much more. Maintenance documentation must be clear, understandable and complete. Operating costs should be kept as low as possible, but without sacrificing comfort or a feeling of security.


Augmented Reality can also help in this – very broad – range of applications. Multilingual repair and maintenance instructions. The interactive placement of AR sticky notes, the complete documentation of work and repairs, the possibility of displaying three-dimensional models of components and the possibility to link all this data through APIs make AR a great way to update your maintenance journals. AR gives you also the option to follow trends on maintenance intensity and to analyse them to find sustainable and resource-saving options for increasing the respective building or system security. All this reduces maintenance costs in the medium term.


“This part is broken again?” – Maintenance documentation using AR


Recurring maintenance is not only nerve-wracking but also costly. And much of this cost is often used to actually troubleshoot. Thanks to seamless maintenance documentation including graphic AR support, technicians are able to identify wear trends in advance and take countermeasures. The AR support relates to interactive 3D models, which allow individual components to be presented in explosion graphics and digital sticky notes to be stored on them, which document when maintenance work was carried out by which technician. This data can be evaluated and processed centrally. In this way, detailed analyises can be made and maintenance costs can be reduced sustainably.


Global mobility requires global solutions – multilingualism thanks to AR


When it comes to maintaining and servicing moving goods and systems, such as industrial machines, aircraft engines, container structures and much more, there is also the problem of a possible language barrier in addition to the challenge of being complete and comprehensible. Internationally operating companies face the logistical and financial problem of having to send employees around half the world if problems arise so that they can then carry out repairs on the respective system on site. With AR remote maintenance support, interactive maintenance instructions and cloud storage of the maintenance data, numerous such business trips will be obsolete in the future, which will not only save the company money, but also reduce the number of business trips required.


Regardless of whether a system is installed in the Arab region, in Central Europe, in America or in Asia. The multilingual support in HEIJAR enables maintenance and repair instructions that can be assigned without any doubt and are easy to understand around the world.


Emergency logs – from the fire alarm system to the elevator control

In the event of an emergency, seconds decide between “mere” property damage and the actual danger to life and limb. For permanent security in e.g. To ensure multi-party dwellings, regional safety regulations must be observed. Compliance with these is regularly checked by independent experts and inspectors. HEIJAR can help inspectors quickly find their way around buildings that they have never entered before, for example because they are new buildings or general renovations. Whether through the use of AR overlays of building plans, with GPS-supported directions or multilingual translations – HEIJAR offers a variety of options along the entire technical verification process to ensure comprehensibility, efficiency, complete and traceability.


For example, planned escape routes displayed via AR can be checked for accessibility or the route to fire dampers and doors can be presented directly.


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