Large sales items – e.g. industrial machines – need space to be shown and are mostly not easily moved anywhere. In times of increasing space constraints, an appropriate showroom is not as easy to get as it used to be and often you visit the customer and not the other way round. Augmented Reality makes it possible to present a true-to-life, interactive, three-dimensional model of the respective object, which can not only be physically circumnavigated, but also traversed, and in which functions can be “tested” using interactive elements. All features that you want to advertise on the real object can be shown and you can “dismantle” even complex engines to show their inner workings

Sales in the field can benefit directly from these technological developments. Instead of having to take tons of sales brochures and physical demonstration material to the customer, everything takes place on a smartphone or tablet. Even sales fairs and similar events, where space is limited, can be expanded with digital help to full exhibition spaces through which customers and sellers can move together and find the perfect offer within the scope of the respective options. With the help of an implementable seamless integration into existing ordering processes, there is unlimited sales potential directly at the customer and in real time. Augmented Reality gives your customers dreams and images, and has a lasting effect on your own sales success.

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