Training like a pro

From onboarding to advanced training and workforce development, AR is helping more and more companies to make learning by doing smarter, safer and more efficient. After all seeing is not only believing but also understanding. AR training increases the confidence and memory recall of the trainees and decreases cost and time on task. 

Assembly processes

Videos and 3d models of machines help the trainee to understand the machines and the assembly steps better than a hardcopy manual with hundreds of pages of instruction. You can offer them an animated video or superimpose information on a piece of equipment.  The trainee can then interact with real world equipment while simultaneously referring to the virtual content for guidance. In that way the trainee can map the training instructions to the real task, which enables much faster learning.


Entering a new company can be a staggering experience. New people to meet and a maze of new offices and meeting rooms to navigate. By overlaying information about who works at which desk it is much easier to find the right person. By adding the manual for the copy machine in AR to the copyroom problems can be avoided. Adding a virtual map of the office can make finding the right meeting room faster and gives the new member of your workforce confidence on the first day.


When your trainees are working on their first maintenance jobs they are facing multiple problems. Maybe they have to find hundreds of firegates in a building complex to check them, or they are faced with complex machinery. The first time they are alone will be much easier if they have AR to guide them to the firegates or videos, which explain the steps to service the machinery. Even a 3d model that shows the different parts of a machine can be really helpful in understanding what should be done.

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