monetizing augmented reality

Augmented Reality costs. Or does it? The investment in Augmented Reality pays itself back in many ways from increased visitor counts to the possibility to sell 3D stickers or premium content.

Drawing more visitors

Augmented Reality makes your visitor attraction more interesting. This can not only be seen in increased visitor rates like at the Museum of London, where visitors tripled after the release of an Augmented Reality app but also in increased social media activity, which has allowed the Tate to target its efforts toward specific communities and around specific visitor interests based on their clicks.

The Tate has also experimented with monetizing digital content directly, by offering premium content and suggesting products at the gift shop.

And making them return

As your visitors head towards the exit you can prompt them to return with a list of upcoming events and discounts. You can also give your visitor access to something that they can use to continue their experience at your museum, like 3D stickers. This makes them more likely to return and share their experience with others who might share the same passion.

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