3d stickers augmented reality

3D stickers are familiar to all who use a Google Pixel smartphone or Snapchat and they are continuously coming to new apps. 3D Stickers are awesome because they bring an impression of augmented reality to every visitor who uses the app and unleashes their creativity!


What are 3D stickers?

3D stickers are augmented reality content, that can be placed freely. You can drop static or animated characters into the frame your camera is capturing and they look almost convincingly real.

3D stickers are a big reason why Snapchat and for example the Star Wars app by Hasbro are such a hit with the younger crowd and are used to send selfies or pictures to friends and family!


How to use 3D stickers?

A 3D sticker can be a person or a cute creature, but also for example a piece of clothing behind which a friend can stand to make it look like they are wearing it. It can be animated or static, but for selfies and pictures with people a static object works best.

So if you are history themed, why not make a 3D model of a famous historical person or an extinct animal. Or if you are more technological, why not make a model of a spaceship or a roboter?


Heijar 3D stickers

Heijar stickers appear in the middle of the screen of the app. They can then be scaled smaller or large with a two-finger princh, and you can pivot your fingers to turn them around.

Oh and just if you’re wondering if this 3D sticker thing really works and how regularly its consumers are using it : Recent numbers show that more than a third of daily Snapchat users are creating over 3.5 Billion videos per day!


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