engaging with augmented reality

How to engage the visitors:

First-time visitors to your museum or visitor attraction will leave with new knowledge and stunning visual memories that will inspire them to learn and create.

The challenge is to create visitor experiences that will also inspire them to return.  A visit should leave a lasting impression that will spark conversations with friends and family or on social media, which can help direct even more people to your door.


Using Augmented Reality

Not only are people of all age happy to use their own devices instead of a loan device, they also love the interactivity of AR. In a similar way, that building your own furniture makes it seem more valuable, the visitor experience seems more interactive if people use their own devices and can interact through it with the environment.

Combining older technology with advanced augmented reality can take the visitor experience to a whole new level and elevate your visitor attraction to can’t-miss-destination status.


Engage visitors through social media

Let’s face it, younger audiences use social media as a form of communication. Use it to your advantage:

Use hashtags on social platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram to attract young visitors to your facility’s offerings. The Metropolitan Muesum has used this with great success by creating hashtags like #met or #emptymet.


Engaging visitors with Heijar

Visitors love to take selfies when vacationing, so why not give them 3D stickers to make pictures even more fun? Add your stamp and hashtag with Heijar to the pictures they share and watch your attraction reach an even larger audience.


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