Augmented reality for everyone

Our software solution includes an user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) where diverse AR content such as text, pictures, audio, video and 3D models can be uploaded and linked to markers or used as 3D stickers.

In addition, Heijar offers an app where the end-consumers can view all the created AR content.


Are you even from a certain branch of trade? Check out branch specific use cases for visitor attractions, tourism, marketing and industry!

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heijar software

software as a service

Pay a monthly or yearly fee instead of buying a whole software!

Easy to use

Our software was especially designed for non-developers.


Updates included without extra fees. The app does always meet the requeriments of the newest devices and standards.


No custom software development needed. Change your AR content as often as you want without extra charge and in real time.

Monetarization possible

You can choose if you want to sell all or parts of the content, or if you want to make the content available for free!

A wide range of possibilities

Unlock Information

Unlock any layers of content from video, text, audio or 3D in your device.


Offer unique and interactive content and increase your retention rate.

3D Stickers

3D Stickers can be used to take pictures in which the visitor appears with the model.


You can recreate scenes from the past, historical characters and even create new worlds.


Collect information about the user's spaces, time, preferences, opinions and routes.

Social media

The content can easily be shared on social networks and sent to friends.


You can monetize your content in a personalized way and according to your preferences.

Multi language

Easy and affordable multilingual support in any language for all devices.

Augmented realitity was never easier!

Users are linked through social media with their friends and families today. If they download the 3D-Stickers they can take pictures of themselves with 3D models and post them on social media.