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Multilingual visitor experiences:

There’s a challenge that all visitor attractions face today: How to share contents best with visitors who speak different languages?

Most visitor attractions have translated their homepage and maybe some leaflets in several languages. Some provide the information on all signs in several languages which makes them large and difficult to place, others use printed leaflets for foreign visitors which tend then to clutter up the building.


Changing expectations

Expectations have changed considerably since visitor attractions started grappling with this problem.

Not surprisingly, the visitors surveyed during the 2013, Bilingual Exhibit Research Initiative felt more valued by the visitor attrctions, were able to engage more deeply with the exhibition content and were more satisfied with their visits when they were provided with exhibition materials in their language.


How to create a multilingual experience?

The benefits of multilingual content are clear and Heijar gives you the tools to create an exceptional experience for your visitors. Not only can you add every language you want to Heijar, you can also provide different content for different groups. It is, for example possible to provide content in english, english for children and english sign language.



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