visualize with augmented reality

If you have more objects then you can display in your museum or want to show small things like DNA, then Augmented Reality is here to solve your problems.

Why augmented reality is a game changer for data visualisation

Augmented Reality gives you the possibility to show one or more 3D models of any size on the devices your visitors have in their pockets. You can show how a kinesin protein walks along a microtubule or place a real size building in a park! It was never easier to give people an immersive visitor experience by letting them see the things you tell about in front of their eyes.

Visualization with Heijar

Heijar gives you the possibility to make a large number of animated and static 3D objects available to your visitors. Wether you use a marker, or a 3D sticker, your visitors will be delighted to get more information.



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