Utilize Heijar`s Content versions

Different languages are triggered by the same marker, as different content versions were chosen by the customers at the beginning.


This optional feature is very useful as it allows to adress different customer groups. The customer can choose at the beginning of the AR experience between offered content versions. The different versions contain different languages, child/adult version, short/long version, for instance. Different content can be placed on the same marker for different versions. Only content of the version chosen by the customer will ever appear when markers are triggered. The content appears in the heijar app. The different versions can be easily created in the heijar CMS.

Different content gets triggered by the same marker.

For AR experience builders out there
Are YOU building your companie`s AR experience? In heijar`s tutorial section you find everything what you need to know about content versions, Tutorial 4 – Creating AR with Content Versions (Coming soon).


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