Text box, floating text, audio,

video & image explained

Combine old and new in order to create something wonderful.

Heijar enables placing various multimedia content types on its markers. Here you get to know what to expect.

Text box

Semitransparent text box overlaying camera.

A text box appears in the heijar app when a marker is triggered. You see the reality through your camera at the same time as the text box on top of it. You can read information at peace or in 18 different languages (see Content versions).

 Floating text

Text floating over a birthday card.

When being in the heijar app, a floating text in any angle hovering over a marker appears. You see the reality through your camera at the same time as the floating text on top of it.

Audio, video, image

Media creation

An audio file, video gets played ( options: Autoplay or manually triggered) or a picture is shown in the heijar app. A video would be good for example, showing different times stamps of a sculpture being build, maintenance guide, etc

For AR experience builders out there
Are YOU building your companie`s AR experience? In heijar`s tutorial section you find everything what you need to know!, Tutorial 5 – Creating AR with Multimedia (Tutorial coming soon!)

Did you know?

Girl looking at landscape

Our favourite is filming a video with greenscreen! 😀 You can let a character narrate its story…

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