3D Stickers are a must!

Girl with elephant

When being in the heijar app, you can choose a “sticker” an 3D model from a gallery (NO marker is needed!). The 3D model appears at your mobile screen and you see the reality through your camera at the same time. You can move the “sticker” freely around on the screen, even twist it and resize it. Furthermore, you can place it on a surface such as a table or a bench. You can take screenshots of you and the sticker.

Red objects on the street

For AR experience builders out there

Are YOU building your companie`s AR experience? In heijar`s tutorial section you find everything what you need to know about 3D stickers, Tutorial 2 – 3D Models and 3D Stickers

Did you know?

Heijar tries to make your customer`s AR experience as realistic as possible, therefore, we have decided to let our 3D stickers cast their shadow!

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